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By transforming park, golf course and open space facilities to be more efficient and sustainable we bring renewed and expanded public use to these essential assets of our communities.

  • We have a proven track record and unparalleled expertise in sound operational management practices to provide continued sustainability and efficiency that is unmatched

  • We uniquely offer comprehensive golf course and residential master planning, strategic design values, restoration, construction, and landscape design that combines classic design values with innovative solutions, embracing creativity with natural features that improve the environmental, aesthetic and recreation experience.

  • We strive to impact the lives of young people by promoting the game of golf to build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices.

  • We are committed to providing affordable and accessible golf programs and park facilities through innovative public-private partnerships in project funding and design efficiency and improvement restorations of golf courses nationwide.

  • We create golf course assets that are enjoyable to play, exciting to promote, and accessible for the long-term.

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Planning for long term efficiency where both the frequency of use and diversity of patrons is increased at park and recreation facilities.

Planning is the hallmark and heart of the Parks Legacy Project. Through careful planning and transformation, parks, golf courses and open space facilities are not only made more efficient, but they benefit from renewed and expanded public use.


Sourcing ways to fund construction of needed park improvements is among the most pressing needs for our parks and community open spaces. Whether public or private, open spaces such as parks and golf courses are in need of financial sustainability in order to serve future generations. Funding for needed park improvements is realized through the Parks Legacy Project.

Through careful planning and reconfiguration, Parks Legacy Project is able to identify non-impactful areas to create small neighborhoods and/or neighborhood-based retail within the park, golf course or open spaces. This enhances neighborhoods and creates revenue to fund the restoration and renovation of the open space facilities. Additionally, a new tax revenue may be created for the local municipality on land that was previously not being used.


Creating Neighborhoods is essential to a vibrant city. Through creative planning — looking at parks and the community as a whole — the Parks Legacy Project is able to pave the way for improvement and sustainability. The winners are parks, the community who uses them, and those who need quality homes conveniently located to services, schools and recreation opportunities.

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